Wedding Candles Ceremony

Wedding Candles Ceremony

A very meaningful wedding ceremony. The lighting of the Unity Candle has become a popular and symbolic wedding tradition. 

It is becoming more and more common in today’s weddings. The ceremony symbolizes the pledge of unity between the two partners to the marriage and the merging of two families.

Traditionally, there are three candles. The mothers each light one of the side candles. The two outside lighted candles by their parents represent their lives to this moment.
The partners then each take one of the side candles and together they light the centre candle.

To extinguish or not?

They may then blow out their individual side candles to symbolize the extinguishing of their two single lives. Or, as is more common today, they may keep those candles burning to symbolize that their individuality is still important to them, even though they are united in marriage.

What candles should you have?

The Unity Candle can be a simple taper, a plain white or ivory pillar candle, or a fancy decorated candle. The stocky pillar candles can be decorated with flowers, beads, ribbons, your invitation, or your names and wedding date.