Weddings & Naming Ceremonies at Nurragingy Reserve

Wedding Celebrant Nurragingy Reserve Doonside

Wedding Celebrant Nurragingy Reserve Doonside. Looking for wedding venues, or specifically garden wedding venues in Sydney? Here is one beautiful outside wedding venue for weddings and naming days.

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So there is lots of green grass, flowers and a beautiful pergola where you can hold your ceremony. The grounds in the reserve are huge and then there are plenty of lovely beautiful areas and shades. 

My Sydney celebrant service includes-

  • All legal paperwork.
  • A beautiful personalized wedding ceremony.
  • Marriage registration and marriage certificate.
  • My wedding Resource package with helpful info. 
  • A PA system for your chosen music and ceremony. 
  • Unlimited contact and assistance from your celebrant.
  • An easy stress-free journey for you all the way to your wedding. 

Congratulation to this lovely couple, tying the knot on a beautiful sunny day. It is especially amazing when you are surrounded by lots of family and friends from both sides. We played music over my PA system which sounded beautiful. The bride’s son gave her away, as anyone you choose can give the bride away. It really is all going to be your choice when we design and put together the ceremony. 

Book and secure your date with Wedding Celebrant, Nurragingy Reserve Doonside for beautiful weddings. Hence, we can start planning and organizing an unforgettable wedding ceremony. 

Contact me, Sydney celebrant,  to discuss your wedding or naming ceremony and how we can make it an amazing day for you.

Wedding Celebrant, Nurragingy Reserve Doonside

Sydney celebrant at Nurragingy Reserve Doonside