Wedding ceremony celebrant in Botany Bay

Wedding Ceremony Celebrant, Botany Bay

Wedding ceremony celebrant, Botany Bay.
There are quite a few wedding venues in Botany Bay. This gorgeous young couple chose to tie the knot on the beach at Botany Bay with the ocean in the background. 

Congratulation to the bride and groom who decided to tie the knot here in Australia before moving to the USA. It is much easier and less complicated to wed here in Australia.

Botany Bay Wedding

First, you need to lodge with me the Notice of Intended Marriage, an official document that we need to lodge together. After that, you can leave all the legal paperwork to me. As your marriage celebrant, I will take care of all the documents and forms. So that this way you can enjoy your journey to your big day, your wedding day.

You will also receive my complimentary resource package with lots of information to assist in making your wedding day a very special one. 

It is all going to be hassle-free and stress-free for you.

Contact me so we can secure your wedding day and start to plan it together. 

Wedding ceremony celebrant, Botany Bay

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