Naming Ceremony Celebrant in Merrylands & All Suburbs

Naming Ceremony Celebrant Merrylands

A Naming Ceremony Celebrant at Central Gardens, Merrylands.
So in a name giving ceremony we can include many rituals, readings and poems, and it is all going to be your choice. Here at this joined brothers naming day, parents included some readings by a couple of friends. Since we couldn’t have everyone as the kids’ godparents, we recognized that each and every person there was important and contributing to these children. As each one of them, in their lives will shape the boys into the men they will be as well as help them along their journey. So yes, it is another way of celebrating a naming day, by having a joined ceremony to siblings. 
All parents receive from me a collection of readings and poems they can choose from. On top of that there are many rituals we can include in the ceremony. I will help you and guide you along the way. 
Contact me any time so we can star plan and organize together the name giving day to your child. 

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Naming Ceremony Celebrant Merrylands

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