Wedding Registry Style in Sydney

Marriage Registry Sydney

A midday Marriage Registry Sydney for this young couple from Nepal.

The bride and groom arrived with their two witnesses, as they were interested in a quick short wedding ceremony. The couple was really only after the legal procedure here in Australia, while their big wedding celebration will take place at a later stage in Nepal.

It was a registry style wedding, though much cheaper and more personalized to the couple. We only met a month ago, lodged together online the Notice of Intended Marriage. The couple chose their wedding day, Friday midday which also worked well for their two witnesses. They absolutely loved taking lots and lots of beautiful colourful photos in different corners of the garden. 

This registry style wedding ceremonies at the celebrant’s place, my place, are cheaper than at the BDM registry. Still, they include all the wedding service just like in any of the other wedding packages. And the absolutely stress-free journey to the couple as I take care of all the legal part of your marriage. 

So congratulations to the bride and groom and have an enjoyable celebration overseas too.

Contact me so we can book, secure the date and start planning your wedding ceremony too. 

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