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Marriage Registry Sydney

Marriage Registry Sydney can be a quick and simple wedding registry ceremony as you would like it or as lengthy wedding ceremony as you wish. Either way, registry weddings, are ceremonies that take place in a friendly private atmosphere rather than marriage in Sydney registry office.
Marry just like at the registry office wedding Sydney, but with a better personal service, with a friendlier caring touch. 

How to get married quickly in Australia 

Marriage registration Sydney can now be an easy stress-free enjoyable wedding registry Sydney.
Sydney marriage registry style is definitely a great way to how to get married quickly in Australia.
Now you have a great alternative to a boring office wedding at the marriage registry office.
Registry marriage is suitable for small gatherings from five people to even 20 guests.
Choose from the Four Wedding Packages

Best Registry Office Weddings ceremonies at the celebrant’s place, my place.
These are CHEAPER weddings than at the marriage registry office Sydney BDM registry.
Yet, the service includes all the wedding service just like with any of the other wedding packages.
This is an absolutely no-fuss stress-free journey to the couple as I take care of all the legal part of your marriage and beautiful photoshoot opportunity for your wedding photos. 
Wedding registry Sydney doesn’t have to be a dull experience anymore! 

View more affordable Marriage Registry Wedding Ceremonies

You can also have your marriage registry Sydney, any day, any time and any venue.
If you would like, then we can do all the legal work an online wedding registry Sydney.
You only have to attend the wedding ceremony on the day. 

Registry Weddings

Registry Wedding Sydney with an Experienced Celebrant –

  • No need for any interviews. 
  • No need to pay for venues/parks.
  • Weddings are stress- free, hassle-free.
  • All the legal requirements are covered.
  • One meeting or NO meetings – your choice.
  • A small wedding of 5 people or up to 20 guests.
  • You can enjoy a FREE garden wedding ceremony.
  • Unlimited contact with your chosen marriage celebrant. 
  • Included both Marriage registration and Marriage certificate.
  • Cheaper than a wedding at the registry office wedding ceremony. 
  • Enjoy a beautiful personalized wedding ceremony in a free garden. 
  • Same FEE any day of the week and any time, depending on availability. 
  • Marriage registry Sydney is personal with a friendly marriage celebrant service.

Some photos from Marriage Registry

Registry Wedding

A registry wedding with a celebrant is definitely a very special event when it is celebrated at the celebrant’s green backyard, as opposed to a ceremony at the registry’s office. A registry marriage does not have to be a dull office ceremony. Marriage at the registry is now possible at the celebrant’s garden with NO extra charge.

The bride and groom were interested in a quick short wedding ceremony as they intend to celebrate with family and friends at a later stage. So that’s precisely what we did at my place instead of at Sydney wedding registry office.

We conducted their wedding ceremony exactly 1 month after we lodged the NOIM. At the time, only the groom could make it to my place for the lodgement of the NOIM, which is perfectly fine. As we really need only one partner to the marriage to sign the NOIM at the time of the lodgement. 

And today, the couple arrived midday with just their two witnesses to tie the knot. Congratulations!

registry wedding

Marriage Registry Office

Another happily married couple after assisting them also with a partner visa now enjoying wedding registry Sydney. 

The groom approached me a few months ago while the bride was still back in India. Together we lodged the NOIM online on the BDM wedding registry Sydney. Si I then issued him a letter to immigration to assist in bringing over his fiance immigration. So rather than going to Sydney wedding registry office, the couple prefered a more personal wedding ceremony.

Fast forward a few months, and here we were celebrating their wedding ceremony. Like any other couple, they were not locked in with any of the 4 wedding packages that I offer. So the couple chose marriage registry Sydney but at my big green backyard. Beautiful for their wedding photos.

There is no need for getting married in a registry office.  So you can now have a better, nicer, friendlier option for a registry office wedding ceremony. Registry wedding Sydney cost with my service is even cheaper than a wedding registry in Sydney at the official BDM registry – but with a difference.
You can arrive on your wedding day with just your two witnesses or up to 20 guests, and leave as a married couple. The same fee applies any day of the week or weekend and any time that suits you. 

wedding registry sydneywedding registry sydney





Registry Office Wedding

The bride and groom arrived with their two witnesses, as they were interested in a quick short registry wedding Sydney.  So this couple was really only after the legal procedure here in Australia, while their big wedding celebration will take place at home at a later stage in Nepal.

There can be different reasons for wanting your wedding at the marriage registry office, marriage registry in Sydney, depending on many personal reasons. A registry office wedding ceremony can be very dull.  

This one was a wedding registry Sydney just like Sydney marriage registry, though much cheaper but at the same time more personalized to the couple. So we only met a month ago, lodged together online the Notice of Intended Marriage. The couple chose their wedding day, Friday midday which also worked well for their two witnesses. They absolutely loved taking the time for lots and lots of beautiful colour photos in different corners of the garden. 

So congratulations to the bride and groom and have an enjoyable celebration overseas too.

Contact me so we can book, secure the date and start planning your wedding ceremony too. 

Marriage Registry SydneyMarriage Registry Sydney registry office wedding ceremony. Marriage Registry Sydney




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