Naming Ceremony Celebrant in Nurragingy Doonside

Name Giving Day Celebrant Nurragingy Doonside

Name Giving Day Celebrant Nurragingy Doonside.

If you are looking for a great outdoor venue for either a naming ceremony or a wedding, you should definitely consider Nurragingy reserve. It is big, sunny with lots of shades everywhere, all different facilities and very spacious.

So we celebrated a nice relaxed name-giving day for this gorgeous little baby girl.
There are many different beautiful rituals I can offer you. The collection is just very helpful and full of ideas. You can choose to include any ritual in the ceremony, from my list or anything else.

At this naming ceremony, parents chose in light a candle with special blessings, as well as the sand ceremony. The sand ceremony is a very meaningful ritual symbolizing unity in the family. There are nine different colours you can choose from to represent family members as well as friends. it is all going to be your choice. 

Contact me so we can start planning your child’s very special naming day.

Name Giving Day Celebrant Nurragingy Doonside

Sydney Naming ceremony day Celebrant in Nurragingy Reserve Doonside