Name Giving Day Celebrant

Name Giving Day Celebrant St Marys

Name Giving Day Celebrant St Marys at the children’s fun centre in Go Bananas.

We celebrated the naming ceremony for this two years old toddler, with lots of family, friends and kids running around in this centre.

There are many naming days ideas. There are many rituals and ideas we can include, readings and poems. It is all going to be your choice.
Since the lovely girl today has already two siblings, it was just perfect to also include the sand ceremony which symbolizes the unity in the family. So each colour represented the parents, the siblings, the naming girl, the godparents and the grandparents.

Contact me so we can start planning and organizing your child’s very special naming day.

Name Giving Day Celebrant St Marys

Naming Ceremony celebrant at Go Bananas st Marys