Naming Ceremony Celebrant in St Marys

Naming Ceremony Celebrant St Marys

Naming Ceremony Celebrant St Marys, also covering all Sydney suburbs.

Beautiful meaningful naming days where we include the grandparents, nominate the godparents and of course talk about the siblings who also receive very special certificates.

You can choose any ritual from the many I offer for naming days.

So at this ceremony parents chose to include the sand ceremony ritual. At this meaningful ritual, the sand represents the members of the family. Once we pour the sand into the main jar, the grains cannot be isolated. And that symbolizes the togetherness and the unity of the family.
It is always a very nice ritual and even more so when we can include the children.

Contact me so we can start planning and organizing your child’s very special Name giving ceremony.

Naming Ceremony Celebrant St Marys

Name Giving celebrant, all suburbs