Naming Celebrant at Mount Annan

Naming Days Celebrant Mount Annan

A Naming Celebrant at Mount Annan Botanical Garden, covering the whole area.

Amazing views and gardens for any occasion in the Botanic Gardens. We celebrated a naming ceremony for this young boy when Mum read a beautiful poem “Before I was a Mum”.

It is definitely a completely different life of before becoming a mum, and even more so after.

I will provide you with my free complimentary package with lots of help and guidance, readings and poems, and how to put together a beautiful successful Name giving ceremony.

So let’s work together to create the perfect ceremony for your child.
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Naming Ceremonies Celebrant Mount Annan




Celebrant at Mount Annan Botanic Gardens

Another happy naming ceremony also at the Botanical Gardens in Mount Annan.

This time we celebrated the naming day for this gorgeous little baby boy. 

There are many rituals we can include in a naming day. Parents chose to include three beautiful rituals- 

  1. Godparents each lit a candle with special blessings. Two of the godparents were actually in Melbourne and couldn’t make it, so the parents lit on their behalf.
  2. Parents also wanted to include the very symbolic sand ritual signifying unity in the family. 
  3. And we also included the rose petals ritual, when we scattered petals on the baby’s head with different blessings and aspirations. 

It was happy name-giving day for the young toddler, the parents, family and friends. 

Naming Ceremonies Celebrant Mount Annanpouring sandsand bottle