Naming Ceremonies Celebrant in Campbelltown area

Naming Day Celebrant Campbelltown

Book Naming Day Celebrant Campbelltown for beautiful name giving ceremonies.

We celebrated today the naming day for this gorgeous little princess at The Grange Clubhouse in Kearns. Parents and the child were surrounded by many family and friends. It is such a happy uplifting meaningful ceremony.

Mum selected two readings from the Free Package I send to all parents. The package includes lots of readings, poems, vows, ideas, and rituals that can help organize a beautiful ceremony.

As we actually really work together to create the ceremony, parents also chose to include the sand ceremony  It is a very meaningful ritual symbolizing the togetherness in the family. Parents also chose to have a wishing box, where family and friends write wishful blessings for the child to open and read later in their life.

So there are many rituals you might want to include in the ceremony. We tailor-make the name-giving ceremony specifically for your child. 

Contact me so we can start to plan and organize together your child’s very special naming day. 

Naming Day Celebrant Campbelltown

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