Naming day celebrant at Toongabbie

Naming day Celebrant Toongabbie

A Naming ceremony celebrant at Toongabbie celebrating the naming day for this young gorgeous girl. Parents were surrounded by family and friends at the grandparents’ backyard.

So if you are thinking about a venue for a naming ceremony, it can actually take place anywhere.

Hence, we can celebrate a naming ceremony at home, in the backyard, in any beautiful park or hall.

As it is a civil ceremony we can include any family members, friends, do any readings you want or recite any vows.
You will receive lots of information such as readings, poems and vows to make the name day ceremony extra special as well as a selection of rituals. 

Contact me so I can guide you and we can start planning together a beautiful meaningful name-giving ceremony for your child.

Naming day celebrant Toongabbie

A naming day cake

Naming day celebrant Toongabbie

Naming day celebrant Toongabbie