Name Giving Ceremony in Parramatta Area

Naming Day Ceremony Celebrant Parramatta

A Naming Day Ceremony Celebrant Parramatta and serving all Sydney suburbs.

Such a lovely afternoon naming ceremony in the family’s backyard with all four older siblings around, family and friends too. 

There are many rituals you might want to include in a name-giving ceremony. I offer quite a variety of rituals you can choose from when we plan and organize the naming ceremony together.

At this ceremony, parents chose to include the rose petals ritual.
The four older siblings scattered four different colours of the silk petals on this gorgeous baby’s head. Now each colour of the petals comes with different blessings and aspirations for the child. You can choose to scatter fresh rose petals or purchase silk ones from me. So it is a nice way to include either family members or friends in the ceremony. 

Contact me so we can work together to create a beautiful ceremony for your child.

Naming Day Ceremony Celebrant Parramatta

Name Giving Ceremony Day

the rose petals ceremony

Rose Petals Ritual