Naming Day Celebrant Western Sydney Suburbs

Naming Day Celebrant Western Sydney

A Naming Day Celebrant Western Sydney and all suburbs for beautiful happy ceremonies. 

You can choose to hold the name-giving ceremony at any age. Some parents will choose to celebrate their child’s naming ceremony at just a few weeks. While others might wait for a few months, or decide to combine it with the child’s first or second birthday. 

Name Giving Ceremonies usually consist of –

  • Welcoming words to all the guests.
  • The parents’ affirmation to their child.
  • Talking about the community’s role in raising the child.
  • Nominating the godparents and their place in the child’s life.
  • Mentioning the grandparents and how they will be assisting.
  • Including any ritual from the many ideas, I can offer you to choose from.
  • Presentation of the certificates where you can choose from a few designs. 

So we celebrated today at the Wattle Grove Youth Club the name-giving day combined with the 2nd birthday to this gorgeous toddler.

Parents chose to include the sand ceremony. A ritual symbolizing the unity in the family. They chose three colours from the nine colours of sand that are available. One colour representing the parents, another colour for the godparents and a third colour for the grandparents. You can choose as many colours of the nine sand colours offered as you want. You can purchase the sand and bottles from me or from any other supplier.

Parents also chose certificates with no border and presented the certificates in frames. Otherwise, I offer a variety of beautifully designed borders for the certificates. There is the naming certificate for the parents to keep, as well as certificates for godparents, grandparents and siblings. 

So there are many options and ideas on how to conduct a naming day ceremony. It is a very happy occasion with lots of family and friends around to celebrate and welcome your child into the family and the community. 

Contact me so we can start to organise and plan your child’s very special naming day:)

Naming Day Celebrant Western Sydney

Naming Ceremony at Wattle Grove Youth Centre

sand ceremony for naming days






Naming Ceremony Celebrant Cranebrook

A beautiful morning name giving ceremony at Andromeda Community Centre Cranebrook when we combined the name day with the baby’s first birthday. 

It is a lovely hall where you can hold a ceremony either indoor or if weather permits outside. There is a big grass area where children can run around and play while adults can relax as it is all fenced. 

So we nominated six godparents and talked about their role and contribution in raising the child. You can nominate as many godparents as you want. Here, parents chose 3 sets of uncles and aunties. We also mentioned the many cousins and how they all are going to grow up and discover life together. 

We then moved on to the grandparents and their contribution to having fun with their grandchildren.  At this ceremony, we sadly also mentioned the loved ones who can no longer be with us but are still there in our hearts and souls. I also managed to create a memorable certificate to the child’s grandmother who passed away only a few months prior. 

Naming ceremony celebrant Cranebrook

Naming Ceremony Celebrant at Home

It is always such an honour and exciting when you are called by the family to officiate at their second or even third child’s ceremony.

So any naming ceremony is exciting and a milestone for the family and the child. Since it was a toddler with older siblings, we also mentioned all the siblings as well as talking about how they all are going to grew up together. All the siblings also received specially designed certificates. And that’s on top of the naming certificate, the godparents’ certificates and the grandparents’ certificates. 

It is a very special time for the whole family and the responsibilities accepted by the nominated godparents.

Naming ceremony Cabramatta West

Name Giving Ceremonies at Bungarribee Park (Parklands)

Another beautiful very spacious park to celebrate a naming ceremony will definitely be Bungarribee Park at Western Sydney Parklands.

There are quite a few shelters you can hire, walking tracks, parking and other amenities.

So we celebrated the name-giving ceremony combined with her 1st birthday with lots of family members and friends around. 

Parents chose to include the Signing of a book ritual, where guests write wishing messages for the young baby’s future and life. We also nominated the godparents and honoured them and the grandparents with beautifully designed certificates.
The older was also mentioned in the script, talking about how they are going to grow up together and discover the wonders of life. The brother also received a sibling’s certificate. 

Name Giving Ceremonies

Naming Day Celebrant – in Plumpton

We celebrated an early morning naming ceremony in Plumpton for this gorgeous one-year-old toddler. It was actually a combined naming ceremony and first birthday. It is a great idea to combine the two. You’ve got already the family and friends gathered around, so why not joined the parties.

So the naming day celebrated was at the parents’ lovely backyard. They decorated the area, set tables and chair around.

We nominated two godparents, talked about their role in assisting raising the child. We talked about the grandparents and their contribution to helping raise the grandchildren. 

parents also chose to include the lighting of the candles ritual. So first the parents lit the main candle, and then the godparents lit their candles. 
A lovely morning ceremony. 

naming day in Plumpton