Observatory Hill Wedding Ceremony with Sydney Celebrant

Observatory Hill Wedding Ceremony Celebrant

An amazing Sydney wedding location for Observatory Hill Wedding Ceremony Celebrant. A very special wedding ceremony up the hill, in the centre of the city with Sydney harbour bridge in the background. There are many beautiful wedding locations in and around Sydney. So if you are after a garden wedding venue, or a unique wedding location. Than you should definitely consider this location. Especially with Sydney harbour views at the background. 

The Wedding at Observatory Hill

So the couple’s parents and some family members flew in from Korea. While they all came to celebrate with this gorgeous young couple their wedding ceremony.
I offer different wedding packages. This wedding was a reduced fee package or a mid-week wedding ceremony, but still as special as any other weekend wedding and with the same service.
Contact me any time so we can start working together to create your very special wedding ceremony. My service includes all legal paper work and of course an amazing personalized wedding ceremony.

Observatory Hill Wedding Ceremony Celebrant

Observatory Hill Wedding