Small Wedding Packages in Sydney

Small Wedding

A wedding ceremony is always a great and beautiful celebration. A milestone in the couple’s life.  
You will receive the same service and commitment, regardless of the size of your wedding!

Remember that the size of the wedding doesn’t determine its significance. What matters most is that the day reflects the love and commitment of the couple and creates cherished memories for everyone involved.

Any wedding ceremony can take place anywhere and at any time. It is really your choice; How big or small do you want the wedding ceremony and where about.

Happy to advise you on different wedding locations that might suit your preference for having your wedding. 

  • ALL legal paperwork.
  • Online lodgement of the NOIM.
  • A professional experienced celebrant.
  • A beautiful personalized wedding ceremony.
  • Same-day online your wedding registration on BDM.
  • Your marriage certificate and marriage registration.
  • Unlimited contact with your marriage celebrant with all assistance.                                                                 

Why have a small wedding:

  • It might be the style the couple likes.
  • Intimacy: Small weddings allow for a more intimate atmosphere where the couple can truly connect with their guests and share special moments with those who matter most to them.
  • Less Stress: Planning a smaller wedding can be less overwhelming and stressful, as you won’t have to manage a large number of guests and logistics.
  • Venue Options: Small weddings provide flexibility in terms of venue options. You can choose a more intimate setting that might not accommodate a larger crowd.
  • Personalization: With a smaller guest list, it’s often easier to personalize the wedding details and create a more unique experience for everyone involved.
  • Budget: Hosting a smaller wedding can be more cost-effective, as you’ll have fewer expenses for things like catering, venue space, and decor.
  • A small wedding now and a bigger celebration later on, either in Australia or overseas.
  • Or any other reason.
    A wedding is a very special important celebration in the couple’s lives and together let’s make the wedding extra special. Whether it’s a micro wedding or a big wedding ceremony, my style and wedding service are always the same, caring and professional. 

Small Wedding Packages  

Wedding packages at my place are available any day of the week, any time for the same fee.
Here are 4 wedding packages.
2 Micro wedding packages at my place, and 2 wedding packages at any other location of your choice. 

  1. Wedding Package 1 

Have a small meaningful affordable wedding ceremony.
A wedding personalized just for you, CHEAPER than at the BDM NSW registry.
Just you and your two witnesses at the celebrant’s place, any day, any time.
As little as – only $490.

  1. Wedding Package 2  

You can choose another package, still CHEAPER than at the BDM registry.
Invite up to 20 guests to attend your big day, FREE location at the celebrant’s place celebrating with you your wedding ceremony day –  Any day, any time.
Your full-on beautiful Ceremony for only $540.

  1. Wedding Package 3  

You might like to consider a weekday wedding ceremony.
Monday – Wednesday at any venue you choose, at any time.
For only $750 at any location of your choice. 

  1. Wedding Package 4

Weekend Thursday – Sunday wedding ceremony
Celebrate your wedding and any venue of your choice, any time.
While it is a beautiful personalized ceremony, still a very affordable fee including meetings, all legal work, a professional PA system, readings, rituals and much more.
Only $850 at any location. 

Small Weddings Venues

You can have your small wedding in Sydney at any location of your choice. There are many magnificent venues for a small wedding.

I can advise you on a breathtaking FREE Sydney harbour wedding location for up to 60 people. 

You are welcome to consider having your wedding ceremony at my place for up to 20 guests. 
It is a small wedding venue in Sydney with a big green beautiful backyard with a flowery green arch, or in case of rain, a high ceiling big lounge.
In any case, lots of everlasting photo opportunities. 

Intimate Weddings

This couple chose to have their wedding in their friends’ backyard with only the couple’s two friends as their witnesses. This is just one example of a small wedding or an intimate wedding.

Together we can create a wedding to suit your preferences, your personalities and how you would like the whole event to flow. It is your celebration and I’m more than happy to assist in any capacity possible. 

So at this ceremony, we worked together to personalize the ceremony to the bride and groom’s personalities and how they envisaged their wedding ceremony. I took care of all the legal paperwork so that they could just enjoy the journey to their wedding day and every moment of it.

Contact me so we can start to organize and plan your wedding ceremony too. 

A small weddingA small wedding



Hey Orna, Thank you so much for everything. We really enjoyed the wedding, your presence and the ceremony was very peaceful !! Thank you so much.
Wedding Ceremony Avraham & Elina, March 2018