Baby Naming Ceremony in Blacktown

Baby Naming Ceremony

A baby naming ceremony is always a special and unique celebration. It is the time when family and friends gather together to celebrate this milestone in the baby’s life.

You can have a naming day combined with the child’s first birthday. Otherwise, you can actually name your child with family and friends at any age. 
At the naming ceremony, we talk about the parents’ role in raising the child. As well as the godparents and grandparents contribution.
You can nominate as many godparents as you want. 

Sometimes we also include some rituals for in the name-giving ceremony.

At this name-giving ceremony in Blacktown, parents chose in incorporate the sand ritual.

So there are nine different coloured sand which you can choose. Each colour represents different qualities and aspiration. And eventually, your child will end up with this amazing keepsake from the day. This meaningful ritual symbolized the unity and togetherness in the family. Now that you have an addition to the family, your child, you want to fill and express this coming together as one.
And what can be a better way of expressing this than this naming ritual? Also, a great way to remember the day with the colourful sand keepsake bottle. 

Contact me so we can start to plan and organize your child’s very special day together. 

baby naming ceremonybaby naming ceremony