Naming Day Ceremony

Naming Day Ceremony

A beautiful naming day ceremony in western Sydney when we welcomed this young five months old baby. Parents had lots of family members and friends around.

It is always a great honour to be invited again by the same family. So we celebrated this little man sister’s naming ceremony just two years ago. And today was his turn to be in the centre and have his naming day.

There are many rituals you can choose to include in a naming ceremony.

Rituals in Naming Ceremonies

At the first ceremony, parents chose the rose petals ritual. Today, the family has grown and the parents wanted to emphasize the unity in the family with the sand ceremony ritual. Parents chose four different colours of sand. One representing all the godparents, two colours for the two pairs of grandparents and one colour representing the parents and the child.

There are nine different colours of sand you can choose from. Each colour represents different characteristics and aspiration. 

Parents also lit a candle as well as the five godparents.

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