Celebrant for Name Day Ceremony in Blacktown Area

Name Giving Ceremony Including the Sand Ritual

Name Day Ceremony Blacktown when we celebrated the name giving to this gorgeous little girl.

The ceremony was in the community hall in Berkshire Park where the family and many friends gathered.

At each ceremony, parents can choose to include any ritual they want to make the name day ceremony more special. So today parents chose to include the sand ceremony with all nine colours of sand. Parents chose the godparents and grandparents to participate in the ritual. It is a lovely ritual symbolizing the unity of the family. There are nine coloured sand you can choose from. Each colour represents different qualities and aspiration. So you can choose to the colour to the person or to a group of people. 

Contact me any time so we can start to work together to create a beautiful naming ceremony for your child too.

 Name Day Ceremony Blacktown

Name Day Ceremony Celebrant

sand ritual

The Sand Ceremony Ritual