Naming Day Celebrant Seven Hills

Meaningful Naming Day Celebrant Seven Hills

A Naming Day Celebrant Seven Hills also covering all Sydney suburbs.

So we celebrated today the naming day ceremony combined with this toddler’s first birthday. You can choose to have the naming ceremony at any age, but joining it with the child’s first birthday is a lovely idea.

Another option is to have a joined naming ceremony for a few siblings.

Before each ceremony, parents receive from me a resource collection of many beautiful readings and poems. We also discuss different ideas and rituals that the parents can include in the name-giving ceremony. We can include any ritual I offer you or any other ritual of your choice. 

So at this ceremony parents chose in include the sand ceremony. The parents chose nine different colours of sand where each colour represented a group of people so that many of the family and friends could participate. It is a very inclusive and symbolic ritual for unity in the family.

Contact me any time so we can discuss and start organizing and planning your child’s naming ceremony. 

Naming Day Celebrant Seven Hills

Name Giving Ceremony

sand bottle for name day